Improve yourself, one day at a time.

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Starting is half the battle. Not stopping is the rest.

Keeping track of your day-to-day activities can help you stick with them.

Continuo gives you a colorful, glanceable view of all your activities, where you can easily see which you've done a lot of lately - and which ones you haven't.

Track your progress quickly and intuitively.

It's satisfying to record a productive day. It's even more satisfying to do it without consulting a spreadsheet.

Continuo just asks for your opinion of the day you had - no need to count minutes, miles, or milligrams.

Keep tabs on whatever matters to you.

Maybe it's your passion. Maybe it's a new skill or a hobby. Or maybe it's all of the above.

You can track your first three activities for free, and for just $2.99, you can track an unlimited number of activities, activate a beautiful dark mode, and export your data as a .csv file.

Out of town? Press and hold a day to mark it as a vacation.

Easily switch to a quiet, elegant dark mode in the evening.

A daily reminder can give you a gentle nudge if you need it.

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